Planet Heartbreak 3

by Stuck In A Day Records

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Planet Heartbreak 3 is a new compilation by Stuck In A Day filled with heartfelt songs by Dutch artists we believe in!


released June 6, 2009


all rights reserved


Track Name: Only Seven Left - My Side Of The Story
Wrong, you got it all wrong. But you won’t hear my side of the story. So I am gone. It’s over and done. I’m sleeping alone tonight. Fun we had all the fun. I had no idea that the ship was sinking in the long run. Guess I was wrong. I’m taking an early flight. Right, I’m feeling alright. As long as I keep my mind off thinking over that night. And how you replied when I said it’s over. Hide the tears that I cried. I no longer need your sweet compassion now we collide. You tear me inside. I’m pulling the covers. It took you so long to figure out just what you were missing. You’re moving on, I’m not the one. I wonder whose lips you will be kissing when I’m gone. Goodbye my life goes on. Time, I needed more time. I lost myself somewhere along the way. I’m trying to find what I leave behind whenever we disagree. Go, I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna close the door to everything that I know. I’m moving so slow. I thought you belonged to me.
Track Name: Sander van der Hoorn - The Other Side Of The Cage
I’ve been saving my thoughts for this moment
You were wrong
So please don’t ruin this for me

And you’ve been saving your breath fot the escape
from the truth
and I’m through telling you

That the grass looks greener on the other side of the cage
I’ve found my way
and found my place
the grass looks greener on the other side of the cage

the last thought I had was the coldest
I’m not sorry

And you, you are the strongest
of them all
should I feel sorry?

If you’re feeling united
over it all
if you’re feeling divided
we’ll stand
we’ll fall
Track Name: Impossible Situations - Haha
The 16-year old boy in the corner
He looks away and sighs

But if he doesn't like me staring
He shouldn't wear pants so tight

I want it, you
You need it bad
I need it
I still got it

I know that I should save my heart from this
From this tempting lie

You call me and you sound curious
Do I wanna know why?

Your hair
Your skin so soft
Your eyes
Your eyes

And everyone will go like
Haha haha, you're way too old
Haha haha, he's too young for you

I'd give you anything you'd ask for
If only you could be mine

I know it's hard to say "forever"
But can't we give it a try?

You want it, I
I need it bad
You need it
I still got it

I know I can be so dramatic
I just like to be right

You have to travel all this way still
Can I give you a ride?

For seven days straight
I'd lost my faith in how
This could end

It's hurting my brain
It's eating my conscience
Still, it's feeding my flame